CT (Lux) Global Focus

Reasons to invest

Differentiated investment approach

A clear and consistent quality approach focusing on competitive advantage to deliver strong, sustainable returns.

Accesses the best global ideas

Freedom to invest without constraints across regions, sectors and market capitalisation, accessing both developed and emerging markets.

Strength in research

Global research capabilities and bottom-up stock picking drive high-conviction portfolio holdings.

Risks to be aware of

This fund is suitable for investors who can tolerate higher levels of risk and volatility in return for higher returns over a long-term investment horizon. Investors could lose some or all their capital and should read the Prospectus for a full description of all risks. Investment risks: Investment in equities, portfolio concentration and currencies.

Investment approach

The ability of high-quality companies to sustain above-average growth and returns is often underestimated, meaning that potential long-term winners trade at a discount to their intrinsic value. We pursue a bottom-up approach, thoroughly analysing both company fundamentals and industry prospects to identify those companies that have a truly sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to maintain pricing power over the long run.
Looking only at individual companies in isolation is not enough. To truly understand how a company is positioned, a detailed knowledge of the industry landscape is essential. We use Porter’s Five Forces, the business strategy tool developed by Harvard professor Michael Porter, to assess the competitiveness of different industries.
Global focus fund


19 September 2023

Harry Waight

Portfolio Manager

Health and Well-Being – longer lives, healthier lives

After a century of rapid increases, gains in life expectancy are slowing. We ask why and explore companies that can help buck the trend.
Read time - 5 min
18 August 2023

Paul Doyle

Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

Europe’s recession was ultra-mild, in the US worse is still to come

Interest rate rises have driven inflation down. We all hope we are close to the pivot point when banks call a halt to hiking and begin to cut rates.
Read time - 9 min
17 July 2023

Melda Mergen

Global Head of Equity

Equity outlook: Macro remains top of mind

Global Head of Equities, Melda Mergen, on concentrated equity markets, Europe and talk of recession.
Watch time - 3 min

Fund Manager

David Dudding
Portfolio Manager

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