David Dudding
David Dudding

David Dudding

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

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July 2021

The power of compounding – a shaggy dog story

Read portfolio manager David Dudding on Junior Isas, Nestle and a cavapoo puppy.
May 2021

The destruction of creatives

Advertising spend was huge during lockdown, but it's not the traditional players who are benefiting. This changing market highlights some of the difficulties with 'value investing' at a time of technological change.
May 2020

The rise of the elevator industry

The Office for National Statistics calculates that in 2015 there were 787 deaths in England and Wales caused by a fall on steps or stairs – more than two deaths a day and a 20.5% increase since 2012.
January 2020

An important moment for FinTech

Marketing for the new Apple card in the US seems to have ramped up, as there appears to be a lot more advertising on Twitter.

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